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Welcome back for a new blog post. Finally I will write down my fitness routine many of you had asked for.

Before I start telling you more about my fitness routine I will speak about my goal in fitness. That’s the most important thing. Without to know your goal you can’t work out the right way.


What is my goal in fitness?!

My goal in fitness is not to become bigger! Because of modelling I have to stay slim and shredded. If I become too big I would be a fitness model and wouldn’t get work as a fashion model. Because I’ve been working out since 6 years I have enough muscles and don’t need to gain more. So basically I will just stay as I am but more shredded. 

How do I achieve my goal?

The easiest way for that is to count calories. I always try to stay in a daily calorie deficit. That means I burn more calories than I eat/drink.

Example: 3500 cal burned – 2700 cal food/drinks = 800 cal deficite

How do I count the calories I burn?

There are two ways your body can burn calories: Active and Passive.

Active means you do sport or work out. So your body will burn the calories because you are moving. I count those calories with my Smartwatch.

Passive means the calories that your body needs to keep your body alive, for example as energy for your heart, brain and so on. Every day is very similar. You can track that with your Smartwatch or you can calculate it online. Unfortunately I didn’t find a good calculator because they are all just using age, weight and height without using personal data like a smartwatch!

The total calories you burn today is the addition of active and passive calories.

Example: 2000 cal passive + 1400 cal active = 3400 cal total

How do I coun’t the calories I eat/drink?

There are many apps on your smartphone where eyou can track the food and drinks you have. I use “My Fitnesspal” and im really happy with that.

You can scan the barcode or type in whatever you eat or drink. It will show you the calories and also the makros (Carbs, Protein and Fat).

I will tell you more about what I eat and drink in the next blog post.


What is my workout plan?

To be honest I don’t have a proper plan right now that says I go on these days and those days are off. Because in modelling every day is different so I plan every week different. My goal is to burn 1400 Cal active and to move more than 10 km per day.

I try to do sport 5-6 times a week, 2 times I go for a run and 4 times to the gym. When I go for a run I try to get at least 9km.

My Gym Plan:

I normally do Push, Pull, Leg.

That means one day I train all the muscles I need to push (chest, shoulders and trizeps), on the other day I train all the muscles I need to pull (back, neck, bizeps) and on the last day I train legs.

I train Abs every 3 days for like 20 minutes (Sit-ups, Planks, …).

When someone ask me how many reps I do I just answer that I’m not counting my reps. I train until my muscles are burning.


1. Push-Day

Warm-Up-Run 5 min

Chest (4 exercises):

  • Benchpress Barbbell flat (5 sets)
  • Benchpress Dumbbell incline (3 sets)
  • Chestpress Machine decline (3 sets)
  • Flyings (4 sets)

Shoulders (3 exercises):

  • Shoulderpress (3 x Superset)
  • Shoulder Side raises (3 x Superset)
  • Battle Rope (5 x 30 sec on / 30 sec off)

Trizeps (1 exercise):

  • Cable Trizeps extension (4 sets)


2. Pull-Day

Warm-Up-Run 5 min

Back (5 exercises):

  • Lat-Pull wide (4 sets)
  • Lat-Pull close (3 sets)
  • Back-Row wide (4 sets)
  • Back-Row close (3 sets)
  • Lower Back (5 sets)

Neck (2 exercises):

  • Back-Shoulders-Raises (3x Superset)
  • Neck with Dumbbell (3x Superset)

Bizeps (1 exercise):

  • Bizeps-Curls (4 sets)


3. Leg-Day

Warm-Up-Run 10 min

  • Squats (5 sets)
  • Lunges (3 sets)
  • Leg extensions (3x Superset)
  • Leg curls (3x Superset)
  • Leg press (3 sets)
  • Calves (4 sets)


Its important to say: Everyone is different! Not only because you are working out like me, means you will look like me. Every body works different and also food is almost more important than the sport sessions.

My next blog post will be about my food routine.

I hope you liked this blog post?! If you have questions, feel free to ask me! I will answer everything and if you have suggestions on what to write in my next blog post, please tell me! 🙂

Otherwise, check out my Instagram account!

Best regards



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  • JiSun

    This is awesome. Hoping to releaseyour home workout and morning routine on your next blog.

    • Fabian


  • Steve

    What’s the difference between a set and a superset?

    • Fabian

      superset means to sets after each other without having a break in between!

  • Shariff Omar Maulana

    Thanks for this the man i look up to and my inspiration to become a model since 2017. You look surreal🔥🔥

    • Fabian


  • Yash Ghantiwala

    I like you so much . I love you

    • Fabian


    • Amula

      I love it, you r great! I will use this routine!

      • Fabian

        thank you so much for your feedback!

  • Erasmo

    Skin and hair care is also important topics to talk about. Like what product to use for hair during the day

    • Fabian

      yes that’s important!!!

  • Rintu

    How much calories do you take ,and what is your macros .

  • Rintu

    What is your post workout meal .?

  • Yash

    Hey Fabian
    Great job at clarifying the weekly workout and calories counts.
    A quick question
    is 10 km movement, daily, included of 1400 calories/day that are burned?
    Or is do you burn 1400 daily performing sports and/or weight training?

    • Fabian

      10km movement is included in the 1400kcal 🙂

  • Samiul Tahsin

    Thanks for this my guy. Really appreciate it💪

    • Fabian

      thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Ravi patel

    Hey fabian I want to ask you what to eat before and after work out

    • Fabian

      before maybe some egg white or a banana and after I eat a normal meal with rice and a lot of carbs, protein and vedgtables

  • Arslan

    How much time do you spend in gym per day? And how much time do you generally spend working out per day (running, weight lifting…)
    Also what’s your skincare routine?

    • Fabian

      2 hours at the gym in total… 1 hour weights and 15 min warm up … total like 2 hours of my day 🙂

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