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Fitness has always been a big part of my life and during my childhood I was fascinated with every kind of sport. At 16 years old I started going to the gym to become bigger and stronger. All the hours I spent training helped me mentally and I learned a lot about fitness and how the body works. I would like to share my knowledge in my blog. I will answer questions about my fitness routine, what I eat, what diets I like to stick to and much more. 

Let’s get our bodies in shape!


Hi guys, also today I want to take you on a workout. After I have already shownyou how I train legs and chest in the gym, today it’s the turn of the back. Becurious and learn with me how [...]

My typical Chest-Workout at the gym.

Hi guys, today I will show you a glimpse of my workout routine. The last time we trained together legs, today is the chest turn. So that the complete chest area is also addressed, I also train [...]

My typical LEG-WORKOUT at the gym.

Hey guys, as already announced in my last video I’m in Mallorca right now. My videographer Michel is with me again and we opened a small workspace together with my friend Elias from [...]

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