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Fitness was always a big part in my life. In my childhood every kind of sport was fascinating me. When I was 16 years old I started going to the gym to become bigger. All the hours I spend training my body helped me a lot, even mentally. Because I learned a lot in fitness and around how the body is working, I would like to share my knowledge in my Blog. I will talk about Questions like “What is my fitness routine?”, “Which diets do I like?”, “What do I eat?”, and much more…

Let’s get our body in shape!

My home workout routine while Corona / Lockdown

As we all know, 2020 was a slightly different year. The CoronaVirus, also known as COVID-19, has pushed people, the world and the economy to their limits. There were lockdowns, so you had to move [...]

My Fitness Routine – by fabianxarnold

Welcome back for a new blog post. Finally I will write down my fitness routine many of you had asked for. Before I start telling you more about my fitness routine I will speak about my goal in [...]

Q&A – Fitness and more

    Squads and Soccer     I love traveling. Asia is a great area to travel because its warm the people are so nice and the food is really good!     My main goal is [...]

My reason for starting with fitness?! – The Story fabianxarnold

Before I give you tips in fitness, I would like to explain why I started with fitness. Beside the reason why I started with fitness, you will also learn something about my life and about my [...]