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10 min Beginner Rope Skipping Workout – Fat Burn – for at home without any equipment.

Additional to my other workout videos I added this workout as a kind of warm up workout before your main workout. Also it works as a simple Fat Burn Workout for beginners as well as pros. Simple exercises and full body sweat. Afterwards you can add the Sixpack Video or also the Pull-/ or Push-Workout.


Beside just working out the food routine is almost more important than the workouts. On my fitness blog you will find more about my food routine. Always stay fit and eat healthy food.

Also its very important to stay consistent with your workouts. Consistency is the key for your success. Motivational thoughts on my Self-education Blog.


I have created a Youtube Video and Blogpost about that topic already! Go and check it out HERE.

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Have fun – more informations about my workouts, fitness and food routine on my blog:

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