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Hi guys, finally I have a new hair tutorial for you. Stay tuned and learn how to style your hair perfectly for any occasion as a man. Currently I have a few highlights on the top and my hair is a little longer. So this tutorial is perfect for those who want to tame their wild mane. Learn now how to make the TikTok hairstyle work for you.

Step 1

If you start with freshly washed hair, the first thing you need to do is dry your hair. The top of the hair can still be a little damp, but the sides and back should be completely dry. When washing, you should use high quality products that nourish your hair. I use conditioner every day, shampoo every other day and once a week I apply a hair mask. In addition, I also use some hair oil from time to time. Currently I use the products of Fable & Mane /ad non-paid.

Step 2

In the next step, I apply some volume foam. Therefore I use a product from Syoss / ad non-paid. For this I use about a handful of foam, distribute it in my hands and then apply the foam in my hair where I want to have volume. Since I like to have volume in the front, I apply the foam predominantly on the front. I also add a little to the sides and back. To make sure it has the desired effect, I rub the foam and make sure it reaches the roots, because it is from them that the volume is generated. Currently it looks like the typical surfer style hairstyle. That’s why I’m already moving on to the next step.

Step 3

To avoid a wet look, I blow dry my hair using a brush. It is important to use the hottest temperature level, but not the strongest level. I roll my hair up with the brush and dry it from down and the top. In this step, do not hold the hair dryer in one place for too long, otherwise the hair will dry out. Now repeat the same with the side. After I’m done with the top hair I repeat this step with my right and left hair parts as well. In the end the rest of the back of the head must be blow-dried. Here I use no brush, but simply my hands to speed up the process.

Step 4

Now a little bit of a matte paste can be applied. I don’t use hairspray or hair gel, for example, because I don’t want my hair fixed, but rather a natural look. Here I use the “Strand Matte” matte paste from got2b /ad non-paid and the molding paste from Forte /ad non-paid. In this step the hair can be simply messed up and moved backwards and forwards. Then I tiny it up at the sides and roll it up in the front.

And now my TikTok hairstyle is ready. I hope you like the result. Tell me about your thoughts and your suggestions for improvement in the comments.


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