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Hey guys, another workout is coming your way! This time I wanted to show you a „military workout“ routine. It combines cardio with strength exercises, and it definitely will be challenging, but it also will be worth it at the end. You can add it to your workout routine as a high intense exercise to kill your fat!

Every exercise will be repeated several times within the course of the routine, but obviously I will only explain it once. 😀

Jumping Jacks: Start with high frequency jumping jacks, to get the heart going.

Burpees: Right after that go over to burpees. Jump down to a push up position, do a push up, get up, do a high jump and start over. Try to really get those movements into one flow. It is hard at first, but you will get used to it!

High Knees: To keep the intensity, switch to High knees. Remember: No pause between the exercises!

Mountain climbers: Now this is an exercise most people hate, but I love it! It really gets exhausting after a little while. Get into a push up position. But don’t do a push up – rather pull your knees alternately to your chest, as if you were running.

Punches: Throw some punches! But remember to move your feet. A boxer never stands still. Also lay your whole body into the punch.

Twist Jumps: Jump up and down and twist your hips. It sounds like a dance move and it kinda looks like it as well. 😀

Kick Throughs: They are pretty similar to mountain climbers. The difference is that you don’t pull your knees up to the chest, but kick your legs below your body through to the other side. Your right leg to the left and your left leg to the right.

Push Ups: Those almost feel like a relieve after those burpees, right?

Push Up Hold: Now hold yourself down in that position, arms tight to the body. It burns!

Plank Hold: Keep holding! Your body has to be a straight line. 

Squats Jumps: Now again something for your legs. They work just like normal squats, but when going up, you jump! Try to get a smooth movement here, similar to the burpees.

Side Plank on each side: Try to keep your body straight, it has to be one line, tense your whole body.

Jack Knife: Lay on the ground and stretch your body out. Now, while keeping your arms and legs straight, get them together in the middle.

Squat hold: Just like squats, but hold! Try to go deep.

Squat Twists: This is a mixture out of Jump Twists and Squat Jumps. Do the squat jump first, then switch to the right by pulling your right leg back and your left leg to the front, almost as in a deep lunge position in yoga. Then come back to the middle and after that to the left.

Plank up and downs: You thought plank was hard? Try going from a plank position to a push up position and back.

Walk up and down: Unleash the animal inside of you! Walk on your hands and feet up and down. Try to keep your body tense.

Lunge kicks: Last exercise! Do a deep lunge and kick out of it with your back leg!

And that’s it! Feeling exhausted? Good! With each time you will get used to it more and more, it will show. 😊

I hope you can make this workout part of your routine. For more workouts like this, hair style tutorials and vlogs visit my YouTube Channel @fabianxarnold. Take care and see you there!


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