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The ultimate leg workout for at home including high intense exercises without breaks for a massive fat burn is online.

Finally I can announce having my first lower body workout without any needs of equipments on my Youtube Channel. You can easily add it in your weekly routine for example before the push or pull workouts or even instead of running the whole 10km doing only 5km running + the leg workout on Youtube.

What is special about my workout?!

Same as the other workouts I have combined strength and high intense exercises to speed up your heart rate but also get strength to hold and build muscles. Its the perfect mix for me to achieve a healthy body shape.

What else is important?

Beside just working out the food routine is almost more important than the workouts. On my fitness blog you will find more about my food routine. Always stay fit and eat healthy food.

Also its very important to stay consistent with your workouts. Consistency is the key for your success. Motivational thoughts on my Self-education Blog.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will upload more YouTube videos in the near future, so it makes sense to subscribe to my YouTube account and for daily news follow my Instagram Account


Down here you will find the Link for the ultimative 20min LEG WORKOUT! HAVE FUN!!!


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