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Since I’ve been working as a professional fashion model around the world many people had asked me how they can become a model. Thats the reason to make a short tutorial about how the model world works.

1. Am I able to become a model??!

This question does not actually arise because each person is unique in their own way and can therefore work as a model. You should always be clear about what type of model you are. Are you tall and thin and can work more as a high fashion model. Are you built more stable and therefore work more as a photo model.

You should always keep your strengths in mind and try to implement them in the field of modeling. For example, it’s cool if you have a lot of freckles. This can be shown very well in headshots and is super popular.

Your personality also plays a big role, because nobody wants a model, which is super shy and does not think creatively. It’s better to do a little too much than not enough!

Attributes in the model world can be:

Hair, face, eyes, body, pigments, size, etc.

It is not about “beauty”! Unique is the most important word here.

2. What are the model markets?

Each country usually has its own model market. Different model types are preferred for each market. In Germany, for example, you should be at least 185 cm as a man to work in the fashion sector. In Los Angeles, for example, if you work in the field of swimwear, you can still be under 180cm.

Every market is different, some are more popular if you are older some prefer with a beard and some smaller young ones without a beard.

It looks similar for women!

3. Whats the best model agency for me?

Basically, you can search for model agencies on the Internet. You can then make yourself smarter at Almost all model agencies are listed there and also divided into different categories.

The bigger is not better at the same time! It always depends on how well you get along with your agent. A healthy relation with you and your model agency is usually worth a lot more than size and name.

4. How to get a model agency?

The easiest way to get an agency is to introduce yourself to it by email. A small email is sufficient in which you briefly describe who you are, where you come from and what you do. In addition, you can of course also mention whether you have any experience in the model area and of course insert pictures. The pictures can already be model pictures, but do not have to be. All you need is simple photos with your cell phone on the front of a white wall with normal jeans and a white shirt. Everything also from the side and from behind. You can of course also add a few different poses, laugh or seriously.

5. What is a model book?

A model book or model book in English is a collection of the best pictures of you as a model. With this folder you introduce yourself to customers and can show customers who you are and what work you have already done. In the book model it is important to show different sides of you.

6. What are polar/digitals?

One speaks of polas or also digital if you want to have unprocessed pictures of your person from the front, from the side and from the back, to get a natural impression of you

You then send these to the model agencies in the email. They are also used to give customers an impression of you!

That was some information in the modeling area. If you have any special questions, please ask me in the comments.


I hope you liked this blog post?! If you have questions, feel free to ask me! I will answer everything and if you have suggestions on what to write in my next blog post, please tell me! 🙂

Otherwise, check out my Instagram account @fabianxarnold!

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