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Hi guys, today I will show you a glimpse of my workout routine. The last time we trained together legs, today is the chest turn. So that the complete chest area is also addressed, I also train the shoulder and triceps. Be curious and learn how to exhaust your chest muscle most effectively in the gym.

Warm Up

At the beginning of the workout I do 10 minutes of cardio. I deliberately go on the stepper because I move my arms here in addition to my legs and thus also warm up my chest and back. After that, I stretch with a resistance band and then it’s off to the machines.

Shoulder Resistance Band:
3 times inwards (20 reps)
3 times outwards (20 reps)
3 times up and down (20 reps) 3 times backwards (20 reps)

The only important thing here is that the band is very flexible, as this is the best way to warm up the shoulders. During the exercise it is important that the upper arm does not move and remains rigid. The movement should be made exclusively from the forearm. The execution is ideal when the arm is at a 90 degree angle. When we are done with one arm, we switch and now push outward. This is a little more difficult, but after a little practice you can do it well. For beginners it makes sense to hold the upper arm with the other hand to avoid too much movement.

1st exercise: Bench Press

Our first real exercise is push ups with the barbell. Since I have quite long arms, I hold the bar far outside. But you can vary this depending on arm length and preference. Here, too, it is important that there is a 90 degree angle in the movement. To clean up, you can first do a set without weight. Here you can then also go a little deeper than normal to completely exhaust the muscles. But never go too far down, otherwise you can injure your shoulders. So you don’t have to touch your chest.

In this exercise we do 5 repetitions with weight:

First Set: With the bar (20 reps)
Second Set: 60kg (12 – 15 reps)
Third Set: 80 kg (8 reps)

Fourth Set: 85 – 90 kg (4 – 6 reps)
Fifth Set: 80 kg (4 – 6 reps)
Sixth Set 50-60 kg (as much reps you can)

As you can see, the progression here is similar to the squats. During the first repetitions the weight increases and towards the end I take it down a bit to use the last forces and tear the muscle completely.

2nd exercise Dumbbell Press

The next exercise we do on the dumbbell press. Here I will do 3 sets. The same principle applies here: First increase the weight and then perform the last set with less weight. In between the three reps, I always do as many push ups as I can. Normally the muscle would rest in the break between the sets, but these supersets make the muscle work even better and save you time by combining two exercises.

First Set: A lot weight (6 reps) Second Set: A lot weight (6 reps) Third Set: Less weight (many reps)

In the exercise, it is important that you do not go too much in the direction of the head when going down, but rather stay at the level of the chest. Again, a 90 degree angle should be maintained. What is also very important in this exercise is the position of the bench. This should be set at a 45 degree angle.Many people set the bench too low, so you can hit the desired muslin but not ideal. In our concentrated set, we lift one arm at a time to make the movement more controlled than before.

3rd exercise: Flyings

After the exercise we continue with flyings. Here too we do 3 repetitions. Here I always try to set the seat of the machine as low as possible, so that my hand is a little higher than the nipple line.

First Set: Find your weight (12 reps)
Second Set: A lot weight (8 reps)
Third Set: Much weight (many reps as you can)

During the exercise, I try to target the mid and upper chest, as we will be doing dips afterwards that are more targeted to the lower pecs. The most important tip here is simply focus: perform your exercises slowly and properly and focus on the muscles you want to target to get the best possible results.

4th exercise: Superset Dips + Handstand

Now follow the already announced dips. Here we also do 3 sets. The number doesn’t matter here: the more the better. So even if it’s already very much at the end of the workout, try to get everything out of it.

In the superset I do three sets of handstands for 45 seconds each. Another version of the handstand is to do it facing the wall. This makes the execution much harder and the handstand even more effective. If you can’t do a handstand you can either try to do it with help or alternatively do shoulder presses. If you do shoulder presses it doesn’t matter what weight you use, again it’s just a matter of pushing the muscle as hard as you can through many repetitions.

For dips, many use additional weight to their own body weight. I never do that, because I don’t want to get bigger because of the modeling, but only more defined. So it depends on what you want to achieve.

After that we do another set of side shoulder raises. Again, we do as many repetitions as we can. When doing this, make sure that when you go up, you move your thumb down to address the middle part of the shoulder.

Last exercise: Triceps

Finally, I’ll do a triceps exercise on the cable pulley. It’s always important for me to lean back a little so that I can see my arms better and concentrate on the correct execution. As an alternative, you can also lead the cable pulley over your head and perform the exercise the other way around. If you really focus on your muscles during the exercise, it’s enough to do an exercise where you target the trizeps.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments. Otherwise, I look forward to your reactions and have fun imitating!


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  • Anna

    Fantastic workout video, as always Fabian. I often am nervous when working out as I never feel confident and worry about incorrect form etc. Loving all these tips which I can use even when using tiny weights! Thank you. Oh and more than happy to just watch these videos through a few extra times… for reasons!
    Thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself.

    • Fabian

      thank you so much for your feedback 🙂 Just work out!

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