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Hey guys, as already announced in my last video I’m in Mallorca right now. My videographer Michel is with me again and we opened a small workspace together with my friend Elias from /non paid Ad.

Besides all the work we have to make sure that we stay fit. I have already filmed my six-pack routine for you.

Today it’s the turn of the legs. Have fun sweating!

This time it is not a home workout but we train in the gym.

Warm Up

To warm up, we start with some cardio. My favorite thing to do is to ride a bike. Today I start with 20 minutes at speed 12, but I generally never do much treadmill because I have knee problems and that puts too much stress on my knees.

1st exercise Squats

After the warm up we started with our first exercise: squats. To not overload our muscles we start with a set without weights, only with the bar.

To perform the exercise perfectly, I have a simple trick: Always use a towel to avoid the bar from hurting your neck. Normally there are some black rolls as well to avoid pain but for me it works way better with my towel. If you are wearing running shoes it is better to take them off to generate a more secure stand. In this exercise it is important to keep your back straight. To make this easier, it helps to look up a little while doing this. To put a little more pressure on your muscles you can bounce a little when you get to the bottom. In this way you will fully stimulate your muscles. It is also important to keep your knees behind your feet.

If you are training with a friend, you can use the time he or she is training to stretch a little. However, if your friend needs help, you can stand behind him or her during his or her session, so the back can’t slip into a bad position.

Now you can see a small overview of our training session. As I mentioned before, I like to start with no weight and then slowly tease my muscles out by increasing the weight. At the end I do one more set with less weight and exhaust any energy my muscle still possesses. In general, it is important to train until the muscle is exhausted. However, if you are still starting out, it is better to use less weight and make sure to perform the exercise correctly. This is effective and will lead to more success in the long run. It is also important to use clamps on the edge when squatting with a lot of weight. This way you can make sure that you don’t injure yourself during the exercise.

1. Exercise – Squats

  • First Set: With the bar (20 reps)
  • Second Set: 50-60 kg (12-15 reps)
  • Third Set: 80-90 kg (12 reps)
  • Fourth Set: 100 kg (8 reps)
  • Fifth Set: 110 kg (12-15 reps)
  • Sixth Set: 60 kg (12 reps)

2nd exercise Lunges

After that we got a small elevation to perform our exercise on. This not only trains the balance but also shapes the buttocks. As a beginner, make sure you start with less weight so that your balance doesn’t suffer.

In this exercise you take the bar like in the squats and do lunges forward. This way you train only one side of the butt which is very effective and exhausting. Also here it is important to go down straight, slow and stable. The execution is perfect if you have a 90 degree angle when going down. Since it trains only one side it is important to make sure that you have two repetitions in one set: One for left and one for right.

2. Exercise – Lunges:

  • First Set: 60 kg (10 reps each site)
  • Second Set: 60 kg (10 reps each site)
  • Third Set: 60 kg (10 reps each site)

3rd exercise Leg Hamstrings

After that, we continued with Leg Hamstrings. For this we used the device provided for this purpose. Here you can always orient yourself on the position of the bar. The bar must be positioned exactly above your ankles so that you get the best results. This is important, because otherwise the roller will rest on the Achilles tendon and can quickly cause injuries.
Throughout the exercise, you should look up a bit to get a straighter back.

4th exercise Leg Extensions

For the next exercise we use a machine again – the leg extension. Here it is important to sit up straight and make sure that your back is straight. The knees should protrude a bit above the seat. When you go down with the roller, your legs should be at a 90 degree angle. The same rule applies here: if you have less experience, use less weight.

There are two different versions of the exercise. You can stretch the feet or pull the feet to you.

4th exercise

  • First Set: Choose your weight (12 reps)
  • Second Set: Choose your weight (12 reps)
  • Third Set: Choose your weight (12 reps)

5th exercise

After that we started to train our calves. There are many different exercises for this. You can sit or stand up straight like we did. Here it is important that your upper body does not move, so it is very stable. The legs should be a little bent, not straight.

5th Exercise – Calves

  • First Set: Choose your weight (12 reps)
  • Second Set: Choose your weight (12 reps)
  • Third Set: Choose your weight (12 reps)

Should I take supplements?

After a workout, many people tend to take supplements, but this is not always necessary. With my normal food I already cover the necessary protein intake. The rule here is that you need 2g protein per KG. To grow a little stronger, you can of course use supplements for support. After training, it is advisable to take BCAA, for a faster recovery.

What should I eat before and after a gym session?

If you train in the afternoon or in the evening you should eat something before your training to have more power. But when I train early in the morning I quit breakfast and just have a banana afterwards. After a workout you should always eat something with sugar to help your muscles recover better and faster. Fruit is perfect for this.

I hope you could learn something and now you have even more motivation to go to the workout. In the next few days I will do a shoulder and back workout. Be curious.


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  • Anna

    Love your workout videos. I might not be there fitness wise yet, but building on it each day. Every workout takes me a little closer to the me I want to be. Love your 10 minute stretching video and do it every day as a warm up. Your determination and resilience is inspiring. Thank you!

    • Fabian

      yesss lets goo always keep going 🙂

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