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Welcome guys back to another blogpost. I had the honour to be part of the grand opening of Joyn Zürich. I will be living here for the foreseeable future, so I thought I will give you a room tour – a tour of the whole building actually – which has so much to offer. Let’s go!

The Check In

When you get in the first thing you see is a self check in. That’s a big advantage to other buildings, because you don’t have to wait. You can just check in with your Joyn card, which you will get at the start of your stay. You can use it for checking in and for the elevator. 

Also you will see the working area and a Workspace area, which I will tell you about a little bit later on. If you have any questions, there also are host counters, where you can get your answers. 

Key Data

Maybe I can answer a few of your questions already. The Building Joyn Zurich has almost 500 rooms to stay in. 104 hotel rooms and the rest are normal apartments. The big difference here is the kitchen area which only the apartments have.

The building is completely new and only 20 minutes away from the airport and 20 minutes away by train from the city centre. You only have to use one train, no stops in between, it’s really comfortable to get into the city. Also there is a garage to park your car in, but we will come to that later. 

Now let’s talk about the different types of rooms they are. There are Studio+ rooms, studio rooms and the smaller rooms. 


We’ll start with the Studio Plus room, which is the biggest room available. It has roughly 40 to 50 square metre of living area.

The great thing about the Studio Plus room is the fully equipped kitchen. You have for example an automatic dishwasher and a microwave. Besides that the kitchen is fully equipped, you don’t need anything to bring with you. The same goes for the rest of the apartment. It is fully furnished and you even have a smart TV with Netflix and YouTube – anything you may need.

But of course not everything is fun. Joyn is also for business travellers, so you have a – again – fully equipped working area inside your private room. There are chargers right where you need them and some space for books or laptops or anything you might bring with you work wise.

Let’s say you are done with a long day of cooking, watching Netflix and working. You need to sleep. It goes without saying, but every apartment has a beautiful sleeping area, which you can actually transform into a bedroom. How do you do that? By pulling two curtains and splitting the room into two different parts: a living/working area and a bedroom.

But wait, there’s something missing, isn’t it? Right, a bathroom! Everybody needs it. The spacious bathroom in this apartment is roughly 5 to 10 square metres big, with a huge mirror and a rain shower. One of my favorite features here is actually the laundry bag, which comes free. Everybody has to do laundry and everybody hates to go outside to laundry shops to wash. So this feature Joyn provides is what I want to tell you about next. 

Laundry room

Joyn Zurich offers a laundry room. There are several washing machines and dryers in it, so everybody can wash their laundry when they need to. And the best thing is: you don’t need any cash. Also you don’t have to look at the time, because when your laundry is ready, you will get a notification on your phone. 

Having said that let’s go to the studio apartment, which is one size smaller than the Studio Plus apartment. It has also some nice features. 


The biggest difference between the studio and the Studio Plus apartment is the size, obviously. Except for that it’s basically the same apartment with a fully furnished living area and a fully equipped kitchen area, a dishwasher, a Smart TV and so on. 

Cleaning Service

One big feature I didn’t tell you about until now is something for our lazy people out there. I know you exist and I know I am sometimes one of you. 😀 Joyn offers a weekly cleaning service. They clean your room, they change your bed sheets, give you new blankets and towels – everything you might need.

Every room in Joyn Zurich is equipped with one marshall speaker, which is really cool. Also there is one room in the building, where you can choose from different decorations and bring them up into your own private room. That way you can really get your own touch and feel at home. 


Smart+ is a bit smaller than the studio apartments, but just right for a simple stay. Also just as equipped as the other rooms. A big advantage of those rooms is that you have a little Terrace where you can enjoy the air and look at the nice courtyard. 


For those that do not need a terrace and much space the apartment type „smart“ is right fit for. It’s the smallest apartment but offers the same features (SmartTV, fully equipped, cleaning service, private working desk, etc.).

Co Working Area

Right at the start I teased the Co working area at the ground floor. If you don’t want to work by yourself in your room, you can come down here and work in a big space with many other people, if they choose to do the same. There are different kind of chairs and couches, each with chargers and tables for you to work on. Everybody will find the best option for himself or herself in this area. Also there are small meeting spaces, if you have a meeting and don’t want to go into a cafe or fill out a big conference room with only a few people. 

From there you can go right to the outside area, where you have several options to sit and enjoy the sun or chill with friends right in the middle of the building. 


The last room I want to tell you about is the “basic” room. This is basically a hotel room, a significant feature of Joyn Zurich. In this room you have no kitchen area, like in most of hotel rooms, but you have a beautiful view over the city. The real eye-catcher though is the view on the roof. 

Fitness Area

The most important feature of Joyn Zürich for me is the fitness area. It doesn’t matter if you only want to do some cardio or if you want to do some heavy lifting: John Zürich has it all. From treadmills to dumbbells, you will find everything you need. 

We are almost through! The last thing is the garage below the building. It also has, like every part of Joyn Zurich, cool features: for example, the chargers for electric cars. 

I will live here for the next 1 1/2 months. I am pretty sure I will enjoy my stay. And maybe I will see one of you guys here soon! 

Here you will find the link for the official website of Joyn Zurich serviced living.

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See you soon!


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