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Hey guys, I’m back with another tutorial! Now that your hair looks great, we want to make sure your eyebrows do as well. For that I got a little help from my friend Chris again (He is still a great barber😉). He plucks my eyebrows with a thread and tweezers.

From him I learned the right way to pluck them. You have to be careful, so it doesn’t look too feminine. If you like that look, pluck away! But for me it wouldn’t fit.

Step 1: Careful cleaning on top

I have very thick eyebrows, so we started by carefully cleaning out the single hairs on top with a thread. It is much cleaner with a thread than with tweezers.

Step 2: The middle part

Also we did clean the middle part, I am not a fan of a monobrow. 😀

Step 3: Shaping it

To get your eyebrows into a good shape, you need to find their highest point on top first. For that you take a pen or a stick, put it on the tip of your nose and lay it in a straight line over your pupil to the approximate high point of your eyebrows, to really get the detailed point. On that part you DON’T want to take away any hair, because that ruins the face and the eyebrows. Chris did a great job on that. Also remember to do it on each side seperately. 😀

Step 4: Form the eyebrow bottom

The top was done, so we continued with the bottom. Now the tweezers came into play. Again we did it very carefully. You remember the highest point of the eyebrows and how you should’nt take anything away of it on top? Well, on the bottom of that high point you can take away a little bit more, so you get the perfect shape.

And with that you’re done! I have learned a lot on eyebrow shaping, have you? 😊 For more tutorials like that, challenging workouts and exciting vlogs check out my YouTube Channel @fabianxarnold.


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