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Hey guys, welcome back! I cut my hair … AGAIN! This time I did a completely different cut. I shaved off the sides and made the hair on top a bit shorter, but still rather long. That way I can style it in many different ways: to each side, flat or with volume.
Of course I didn’t cut is myself, my friend Chris was helping me out. Excellent barber!

Before we were ready to get going, we had to wash the hair. But I guess you already know that from your own barber 😉.

Step 1 – rough form sides

To get the rough form in, we started with the sides. We shaved them to a particular length, so we could still adjust them later on. Don’t get them too short!

Step 2 – fading up

When we got the right length on each side, we continued by cleaning the outside and started fading up. That’s the reason I told you not to get it too short from the beginning. The way we did it, we could still adjust the fade.
We started with 12 mm and went up to 20, which isn’t that short for sides, but in comparison to my longer hair on top looks really cool. Find out, what length fits you!

Step 3 – top

Cut the top. The top hair, of course! 😉 We really cut a chunk, because my hair was already so long, it had to be done. But you can play with the length. Again, find out what works for you.

Step 4 – thin out

Because I have very thick hair, we thinned out the top. Doing that allows me to actually style my hair in any direktion I want to. And it will grow back anyway. 😀

Step 5 – clean the back

To finish up, we cleaned out the back, so that it doesn’t look as „round“ anymore.

Step 6 – Styling

Styling: Here is where the fun begins! We started by using sea salt spray, because my hair still was very thick and heavy and falling in any direction. With blow drying that spray in, we gave it more texture, so it was much easier to style afterwards.
Then we continued with dry shampoo, which gave my hair even more texture, more grip and more volume.
Now it gets interesting. After we applied the hairwax, we used hairspray to make it hold. But we didn’t do it the ordinary way: Chris sprayed it on his fingers, going through my hair afterwards.

And thats it! A look that everyone can wear and that’s very versatile. I hope you enjoyed this post and I could give you some useful advice.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel @fabianxarnold for more tutorials and challenging workouts.

Take care and see you soon, peace!


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