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Hey guys, welcome back!

Everybody starts their days the same way: By getting up in the morning. 😀 Some may need longer to wake up, others are already fresh and ready as soon as they open their eyes. Today I wanted to show you my morning routine, which takes about one and a half hours. Of course some of you may not have that much time in the morning, so just try modify it to fit your way – and maybe you can take one or two things from mine to start your day better.

Waking up

My alarm rings at 6:30 every morning during the week. Even though I am selfemployed and theoretically able to sleep in, I like to get up early. It’s the best way for me to be productive.

Getting up

I think the next step is the same for everyone: Going tot he bathroom. 😀 Then I wash my face with cold water. You may not like the cold, but you will feel fresh and awake afterwards.

After that I always drink a few glasses of water, to get hydrated. The average person loses about one or two litres of fluid during the night while sweating. By drinking water, I get that back.

A new thing each day

I open the windows, let some fresh air in … and go back to bed. But not to sleep. Recently I started learning spanish. The reason for that is simple – like Arnold Schwarzenegger said: „If you learn one new thing a day, you will feel more productive“. So I do that for about half an hour until 45 minutes.

When I am done learning, I get up for real! 😛 I make the bed and put on some music. Making the bed is a ritual that helps you getting more into a routine. It is a promise to yourself to not get back in there. Regarding the music, in the morning I like to listen to some deep house tracks. It has just the right vibe.


Right now I am doing intermediate fasting, which means I don’t eat until 11 am. So this early I only make some tea, which, first of all, is delicious, and second, it keeps your stomach full, so you don’t get hungry.

In addition to that I take some supplements, which I will list right here:

In the morning:
– L-Carnitin: It helps to burn fat + you have more power at sports
– Zink + Magnesium for better skin
– Daily Vitamins for General Health

Before Training:
– BCAA for better muscle recovery

In the evening:
– Omega 3 for better Skin (Naturals Fats)
– CBD in the evening

Body care

So, when I took care of the inside of my body, it is time to take care of the outside.

Fort he face and face I use skin cleanser. It doesn’t really matter which product you use, because every skintype reacts differently to different products.

Then I am doing my hait (check out my hair tutorials for that 😉). I don’t wash it every day, because it would get too dry and fragile. I always wash it after workouts, but only three times a week I will use shampoo. That way my hair stays healthy.

I work my down, so to speak, brush my teeth and moisturize my face. Again: find the product that fits you best. Also it is important to NOT rub it it, but rather touch it gently. That is way better for your skin.

To close it out, I use a bit of perfume. Maybe in the future there will be a post about my favorite fragrances? 😛

Getting the system going

By now you should be pretty awake and feeling good already. But to get my systems going, I like to do a few pushups. I do round about 35, but you can work your way up from five to ten to fifteen and so on. It’s not a workout, just something that gets you pumped.

The best way to continue your morning would be a morning walk after that. I don’t always have time fort hat, but when my schedule allows it, I like to combine business calls with a long walk. This way you can burn additional calories (like 300). When you do it before breakfast, you burn even more!

The white board

The last step in my morning routine is checking my white board. On that I write my to do lists. It has helped me getting so much more productive, because you always see what’s next! And I am not going to lie: It feels great, erasing a finished task from that board. Having done that, I can start my working day right.


So, that was my morning routine. Do you have any suggestions on how I could make it even better? Do you have any secret tips I don’t know about yet? Let me know in the comments!

Down here you will find the Youtube Video where I actually take you on my morning routine! Have fun watching it!

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