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Hey guys, welcome back! Today I want to talk about a very important asset to a man’s face: the beard.

When I was younger, I dreamed of having a real „man-beard“. Well, I am slowly getting there. Now I want to show you how I shave it, so it looks like a proper beard.

Before shaving

It is very important to let your facial hair grow for some time, even i fit looks horrible. To get the best out of it, you have to have something to work with. I try to work with one centimeter, that takes me about two weeks to grow.

Rough shave

I use a beard trimmer with millimeter adjustments, so I can be very precise. I always start with 5 millimeters and do a rough shave against the beard line. I start at the middle and do the sides after that (I go up until the middle of my ear, but you can change that up). Try to stretch your face a little bitt o reach every part of your face, otherwise some tiny hairs may be overlooked.
The moustache comes last. Here I adjust the trimmer to 4 or 3,5 millimeters.

If you have parts of your beard that are darker than the others, trim it a bit shorter, so it looks like it is the same length.


After doing a rough shave, you have two options for the details:
1. Use a dry, electrical one blade
2. Use a wet shaver
I normally start with the dry blade and do the lines of my beard, later I clean everything up with the wet shaver.

To do the bottom lines on your throat properly, put one finger right where the chin ends and the throat begins. This is where you want to have your line. From there you go tot he sides and up to get a clean cut just along the transition of your chin to throat.

Some people (like me) don’t have that much facial hair on the sides. So I try to shave everything above the visible hair and create an intentional line that way. I basically draw a beard into my face. 😀

After that clean everything out with shaving cream and the wet shaver. Remember: Always cut up to down, otherwise you might destry your skin.


When you are done, wash the remaining cream off with water and dry your face with a towel. Don’t rub it in, but rather dab and press it against your skin. That way it is much more skin friendly.

Having done that, it is time to use after shave cream. I don’t really use proper after shave with alcohol in it, but natural products with aloe vera inside. Again, don’t rub it in, but rather to little dabs.

And after that, you are done! I hope I could help you with your beard routine and some of you will walk around with a massive beard shortly. 😀

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I am looking forward to see you! Take care!


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