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When I was younger I had many dreams! I wanted to travel and see the world.. I wanted to work everywhere while traveling… It shouldn’t feel like work… I wanted to enjoy my life while I’m working… Now I’m living my dream! I’m traveling around get to know awesome people and have fun! Beside that I create some stuff for YouTube and Instagram!

– – – –
But please don’t think that’s no work! In average I spent 12 hours per day on planning, Instagram and YouTube, my Website and Modeling! Monday to Sunday! No day off!
I can say you it’s more than a full time job… And sometimes I’ve been thinking if it’s my dream to work like that… But in the next moment I remember what Im doing, inspiring and helping others change there mindset. That motivates me to keep going every day! 🤘🏼💥
– – – –
What is your dream? Do you still dream or changed your dreams in reality? ❤

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  • Eloisa Jane Daquer

    Well my dream is almost just the same as yours. I also want to travel and work while traveling. I do love writing blogs too. I love to write because this is the only way that I can express myself. I admit, I need more focus in my life right now and I am so glad that I have read some of your blogs because you inspire me to be a better person too. I want to be a better person not just for myself but for other people. I am now planning to continue with my blog and only share positive thoughts so I can also inspire people.

    • Fabian

      So good good idea!

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