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My first question I have been thinking about is: “If I could choose between that I’m rich and popular or that I live a normal life… What would I choose?”
To answer this question pls take your time.  Go in yourself and think about both kind of life’s … Imagine each day in each life… dream about what you are doing the whole day… What are your goals in each life… Do you still have enough goals if you are rich and popular? In which life are you more happy?
I’m glad to answer every answer in the comments!!!!
➡️ I will post my answer to this question in my story this eve! Pls check it out!
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My answer:

Rich and Famous or a normal life?! #episode4
This question was very easy for me…
I would definitely choose a normal life!!!

If I am rich and famous I wouldn’t have any goals in life… With your money you can buy and do everything. If you can do everything you are not enjoying it as in a normal life in which you have to work for your money! If you are famous you can’t go on the street without a security guy and go crazy in public… You can’t be you. My goal in life is to enjoy! Travel and good moments with friends are one of my top goals. Memories are forever, money is only for today!



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