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When you get success you will get haters… But many of them are jealous of what you have achieved!! For me Haters are the biggest respect you can get!

It’s important that you are not listening what they are saying… Just let them talk and do your own thing! If you stay yourself and focus your goals, you can look back and be proud of what you have done! ❤️💥👍🏼

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Who agrees?!

What are your thoughts?


  • Ben Marshall-Ocana

    Absolutely true!! There are so many bitter & jealous people out in the world & take pleasure in causing others unnecessary pain!
    I agree that ignoring them is best! As a gay guy I’ve had to overcome many obstacles but I am now at my happiest with an amazing husband & 2 year old little boy!
    Love & happiness always WINS in the end if you stay focussed & resilient!

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