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Since a while I am really interested in every kind of mens jewellery (necklaces, bracelets and rings). Now I am happy to announce that I came along with SkeletonHD to review the Phantom Stack Bracelets. In that Blogpost I will give you my own opinion about the look, comfortability and price of the bracelets!


As you may know I love the simple look of black and white mixed with some silver. The bracelets are super simple all matte black with some nice metal details. The balls are covering the whole wrist without any gaps and do look very high quality. Both bracelets look quite similar. The only difference are the unique metal details. One bracelet has only a single skull and additional some more smaller metal rings, the other one a double skull.








You are able to wear both bracelets together on one wrist or singular, and you are able to wear them to any outfit, it doesn’t matter if it’s a street style outfit or a smart casual outfit.  They have a perfect fit on my wrist and its either not too tight and not too wide, so you don’t feel any pressure in your skin. The weight of the bracelets is comfortable to wear but not too light that they feel cheap. The b and is stretchy but also not getting too lose after a few times of wearing, there you can see the quality of the bracelets.





The double skull bracelets are packed in a solid textured black box, baring the company logo embossed in silver across the top. Inside they are double packed in a little black mini bag that they don’t fall out. It’s a really nice package you could definitely use as a gift present!








With almost $120 the Phantom Stack Bracelets aren’t as cheap as many other competitors. BUT its definitely worth it if you compare the quality of the bracelets! They will last for a long time and even because they are basic and you can wear them to any outfit its worth it!




Overall I am really happy about the bracelets and fall in love with them straight away when I saw them in the package. After 1 month of wearing them almost every day they still look and feel new. I can really recommend them.

  • High Quality Material and Look
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Suits every Outfit


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*Partnership with SkeletonHD / Opinions are my own.

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