In #becomeaBETTERperson

Before we can start with our journey selfeducation and mindgrowing, we have to define what it means to be better! Only if we know what better means, we can try to achieve it.

For me better means to be more happy with your life and yourself. I will try to live after a positive vibe. I will try to do everything as best as I can. I’m a perfectionist…It means I will try to live 100% healthy, to work 100% for my goals in live and work! I will stay motivated and share my vibe with other people! ➡️ So I think a better person is someone who’s spending his life to make others happy and concentrate only on things which are important! Important individual for every person!

What are you thinking about a better person? What means better for you?! It doesn’t matter if you have a different opinion! Everyone has his own goals and point of view.



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