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Means life to be on the planet earth? Does it mean to have your own thoughts and to be yourself? Is it to follow your job and do what you have to do? How long is it?
To find your goal in life you have to answer this question!!! 💥⚡
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My opinion:
Life is to have the chance to do what you ever wanna do.
Rather it’s traveling, to move to a new country, to learn a new job or even to find your real love!
You have only one life! And yes it’s short! So wake up and spend your time for things your really enjoy and wanna do!!! ✔️♥️
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What are your thoughts? Pls comment below!! 😇⤵️

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  • Eloisa Jane Daquer

    I really need this advice. I’ve always wanted to have my own life but I can’t just decide because I’m too scared to disappoint people. We have our family business and my parents want me to run the business in the future but this is not what I want to do with my life. I want to explore more, meet and inspire people and to travel. I hope they’ll understand if I finally decided to do what I really love to do because I don’t want to have anymore regrets. I’m already 25 years old and I feel like I still don’t have the freedom and I haven’t accomplished anything in my life right now. It somehow frustrates me.

    • Fabian

      Thats so true!!! Thanks for your words!

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