❌New Chapter Selfeducation❌
#episode1 #becomeabetterperson

Since my arrival in Australia I wanted to learn more about Selfeducation, Mindgrowing and how to be a better person in general.
Coz i had so much to do I had not enough time to read some books. Coz of that I heard a couple of audio books while I was editing and thought about myself and my life.

In the next weeks I will share some thoughts with you.  Pls give me a feedback in the comments if your interested or not! 🙂 ➖ What are you interested in? ➖ Do you have some books I should read?

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❌ #becomeaBETTERperson ❌

Before we can start with our journey selfeducation and mindgrowing, we have to define what it means to be better! Only if we know what better means, we can try to achieve it.

For me better means to be more happy with your life and yourself. I will try to live after a positive vibe. I will try to do everything as best as I can. I’m a perfectionist…It means I will try to live 100% healthy, to work 100% for my goals in live and work! I will stay motivated and share my vibe with other people! ➡️ So I think a better person is someone who’s spending his life to make others happy and concentrate only on things which are important! Important individual for every person!

What are you thinking about a better person? What means better for you?! It doesn’t matter if you have a different opinion! Everyone has his own goals and point of view.


I wish you a good day 🤗
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❌ Sport is not only Sport! ❌
#episode3 #becomeaBETTERperson

What does it mean?

You know that I have been doing sport (soccer,  handball, fitness in general) since I’m a kid… it was and will be always a main part in my life.
After several hours of training I’m proud of it! Not only to keep my body in shape. ➡️ Daily sport is helping you to get a better skin, hairs nails and immune system!

Also I’ve been thinking that it helped me to train my brain for science work. The brain gets more blood, you know how to concentrate and it helps you to get more motivation in achieving what you want! It also trains self discipline!
I would say sport is a main part four yourself to train how to become a BETTER person. 💥💥💥

While my last gym sessions I started to hear motivation speeches and audiobooks of self-education.

One of the best motivationspeeches I have ever heard is “The wake up call” from @therock … What I’ve been hearing at the moment is the biography of @elonmusk !!!! I can really recommend it!

So what I think is that sport is transmitting the motivation to all the other parts of your life and help you to achieve what you want!
#dosport #dontbelazy

Do you have the same opinion? Pls let me know in the comments!
❌ #becomeaBETTERperson ❌

❌ Rich And Popular or a NORMAL life ❌
#episode4 #becomeabetterperson

My first question I have been thinking about is: “If I could choose between that I’m rich and popular or that I live a normal life… What would I choose?”
To answer this question pls take your time.  Go in yourself and think about both kind of life’s … Imagine each day in each life… dream about what you are doing the whole day… What are your goals in each life… Do you still have enough goals if you are rich and popular? In which life are you more happy?
I’m glad to answer every answer in the comments!!!!
➡️ I will post my answer to this question in my story this eve! Pls check it out!
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My answer:

Rich and Famous or a normal life?! #episode4
This question was very easy for me…
I would definitely choose a normal life!!!

If I am rich and famous I wouldn’t have any goals in life… With your money you can buy and do everything. If you can do everything you are not enjoying it as in a normal life in which you have to work for your money! If you are famous you can’t go on the street without a security guy and go crazy in public… You can’t be you. My goal in life is to enjoy! Travel and good moments with friends are one of my top goals. Memories are forever, money is only for today!

❌ QUESTION: Appearance or Character?! ❌
#episode5 #becomeabetterperson

What is more important for you? Many of you will say: OF COURSE CHARACTER! But honestly, that’s a lie and you know that!!!
Pls take your time and think about your past. Have you loved a person coz of her/his body, face, titts, ass? Or have you loved his character? What have you loved about the character? Was it the way the person spoke with people? Was it the humor? Was it the soul?
Do you think there is a person who has a character which matches to you 100%?

My answer:
The first thing when I met a girl is to check the outside..  I check the full body… After that I look into her eyes and face! For me the face is the most important of the outside of a girl… Her eyes, nose and smile… Cute and nice!!!
The second step is to get to know her character… I’m definitely not someone who is focusing only the appearance!
My focus is more on the character! The girl has to be nice, courteous, helpful and a mix between shy and she knows what she want! I hate girls who are whinge!
All together I would say both is important! For a long relationship character has more importance!
And yes I think there is a  character which matches to you 100%!

❌ Friend or Girl-/Boyfriend ❌
#episode6 #becomeaBETTERperson

Everyone of you knows that. When you have a Girl-/Boyfriend it feels like you have to decide between her/him and you friends. 👫 Vs. 👯👯👯
If your friends want to got out with you but your Girl-/Boyfriend want to spend time with you as well… What would you do?!
Some people are neglecting their friends and spending only time with this one person.

– – – –

My answer:
I think it’s important to connect your Girl-/boyfriend with your normal friends… It shouldn’t be two different worlds, where you have to decide who is more important for you… Take your girl/boyfriend to evenings with your friends and take your time with him/her for your own!
A healthy mix is my suggestion!

❌ What means freedom for you? ❌

For me freedom is more than only to be free for what you are doing… Freedom means to be free in who you are and want to be!
While traveling I learned to change in a “better” myself.
“Better” means that I feel satisfied for who I am. 🕊️
– – – –
The first step I made was to go by myself far away from home and start a new life.
You are actually limitless and you’re able to create your own world. 🌏

✖️ Dream or Reality? ✖️

– – – –
When I was younger I had many dreams! I wanted to travel and see the world.. I wanted to work everywhere while traveling… It shouldn’t feel like work… I wanted to enjoy my life while I’m working… Now I’m living my dream! I’m traveling around get to know awesome people and have fun! Beside that I create some stuff for YouTube and Instagram!

– – – –
But please don’t think that’s no work! In average I spent 12 hours per day on planning, Instagram and YouTube, my Website and Modeling! Monday to Sunday! No day off!
I can say you it’s more than a full time job… And sometimes I’ve been thinking if it’s my dream to work like that… But in the next moment I remember what Im doing, inspiring and helping others change there mindset. That motivates me to keep going every day! 🤘🏼💥
– – – –
What is your dream? Do you still dream or changed your dreams in reality? ❤

✖️ Soul or Heart? ✖️
#episode9 #becomeaBETTERperson

– – – –
Soul or heart or is it the same?! If you wanna get to know another person, is it the heart or the soul which makes the difference if the person has a good or bad character?!
I’m pretty sure I have no idea! Maybe you can help me?! 🤔🤔💥
– – – –
Wish you all a good evening!

❌Hate or Forgiveness?!❌

– – – –
What should you do if someone disappoints you?! 💥
Is there a point to hate him for the rest of your life?
Or is it better to forgive him? – – – –
Everyone makes mistakes… Some mistakes are so big that it’s hard to forgive. But is it actually worth it to stay in a controversial for the next time?
I think there is no point for it! You don’t have to become best friends with this person. But try to accept the situation. You can’t change anything! So only if you accept it, you can live in harmony. 🍀🌱
– – – –
What are your thoughts? Pls let me know in the comments!!! ⤵️

❌What is life?❌

– – – –
Means life to be on the planet earth? Does it mean to have your own thoughts and to be yourself? Is it to follow your job and do what you have to do? How long is it?
To find your goal in life you have to answer this question!!! 💥⚡
– – – –
My opinion:
Life is to have the chance to do what you ever wanna do.
Rather it’s traveling, to move to a new country, to learn a new job or even to find your real love!
You have only one life! And yes it’s short! So wake up and spend your time for things your really enjoy and wanna do!!! ✔️♥️
– – – –
What are your thoughts? Pls comment below!! 😇⤵️

❌How to win friends?! 😕❌



– – – –

It sounds easy… You go in a Bar or Pub, in a Park or to a Soccer Field, at the beach or in the city, and you speak to new people… But this is not what I mean!! What I mean with the question “how to win friends” is how to find someone who cares about you! Who is not a mate to spend time with when it’s boring… I mean someone you can actually call a friend… not someone who is talking shit about you behind your back.. or someone who is jealous of what you have achieved… 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

– – – – 

Is there a way?! Pls let me know in the comments!!

I will upload my answer in my story later the day so stay tuned and turn on post notifications!!! 🥰😇



❌What is love? ❤️❌



– – – –

Everyone is saying „I Love You!“… But how often does the person mean it like what it means?

– – – –

In my whole life I said maybe only once that I love that person… For me to love a person is a feeling to spend the rest of your life with… I’m very careful with what I’m saying… If you say anything you should feel it in your heart!💥🙏🏼

– – – –

What are your thoughts? 💭 

❌How to keep friends?! 😕❌



– – – –

It’s always good to win friends… But it’s much harder to keep them!!

To have friends for a long time means to have someone that knows you and you can talk with  every time and about everything 🤗

– – – –

You won’t keep true friends with your money or anything else! You have to stay yourself and stay in contact with your friends! It’s important to be honest and trust!!!

– – – –

What are your thoughts for keeping friends?!


❌How long is your LIFE?!❌



– – – –

Everyone of you will think: “what does he mean with how long is my life?! It’s so easy!! My life is until I die…”

– – – –

But NO⚠️

That’s not the answer!!!⤵️

– – – –

To answer the question how long your life is, we have to think about what life means… for me life doesn’t mean to be on earth.. for me it means to follow your dreams and enjoy every second.. If you have the feeling you are just doing what you have to do and don’t want to, your life has not begun yet! 💥👊🏼

– – – –

So if you wanna life your life! Think about what YOU wanna do and fight that your dream become true! 🌅❤️

– – – –

Pls let me know what your thoughts are! ⤵️